The BoxBi


-          Is a solution to manage two distinct lines (Voip and analogical) on the same phone. 

-          Is ideal for people who have a modem A DSL voip or cable. 

-          Allows incoming calls via IP and analogical lines with a single phone. 

-          Only one phone is needed to receive calls from both analogical and voip lines. 

-          Protects your phone installation and your phone from overpressures.

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To use the BoxBi, you must :

-          Choose the line you wish to call from ie analogical or voip (Outgoing call are automatically made on the line that was used last.

-          With a needle, select the polarity (right, left or both) on the top of the two witnesses line1 and line2 as indicated on the picture.

-          The choice of polarity depends on your supplier, modem type and phone.  

The operation of your BoxBi is automatic and simple



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The BoxBi is guaranteed 1 year by the manufacturer. If during this period your BoxBi breaks down, you can return it to the address registered on the invoice for an exchange or a repair depending on the fault.



All BoxBi are tested before being sent. Therefore, they are in perfect operating order when they leave our office.



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